This Fundraiser has ended.  We’ll offer these beautiful plants again next year the week after Thanksgiving.  We’ll see you then.  Thank you for your support!!

Jingle Bell



Jingle Bell


Winter Rose

students at CCHS Grow Poinsettias

The students at Cumberland Count High School begin the process in September when they plant the poinsettias; 1,600 of them this year! They then care for the plants while waiting for that special time of year when their leaves will begin to turn from green to Red, Marble, Jingle Bell or White.  According to Educator Danny Wilson, Poinsettias are a Phototrophic plant.  They need more darkness than light to turn color.  The magic number is 11 hours and 29 minutes of darkness and that occurs in late October here on the Cumberland Plateau.  The students continue to water and groom the plants throughout the semester.