Fern & Geranium Sale

Thank you for your support of this year’s Fern and Geranium Sale.
All proceeds were divided between the CCHS Greenhouse Maintenance
and the FGGC’s Helena Schmidt Scholarship Fund.


We’ll see you next April with more beautiful Geraniums and Ferns!


Delicious homemade goodies were offered for sale 
at the Village Green Mall 


All proceeds from the Bake Sale benefited the Helena Schmidt Scholarship Fund.

BirdDog Marketing

If you  visited the BirdDog Marketing Table we want to thank you for your support.


For every test taken the Helena Schmidt Scholarship Fund received $5!

Where the Geraniums come from for the sale:

students watering geraniums

Greenhouse Management is a class that is taught at Cumberland County High School (CCHS) in the Fall and Spring Semesters.  The students grow Poinsettias in the Fall and Geraniums in the Spring. 

Educator, Danny Wilson, has been teaching Greenhouse Management for 13 years with the last 7 being at CCHS.  The students in the 2 classes of Greenhouse Management are presently tending to the Geraniums.  Each student is responsible for 96 plants.  The total number of Geraniums planted this year was 4,300. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays find the students watering the plants.  They also “clean” the buds off the plants so that the plant itself can become strong.  3 weeks before the desired sale date the students leave the buds on the plant. That is how they become the beautiful Geraniums that the Fairfield Glade Garden Club sells each year.